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The Ethernet component is called Eth. It handles ethernet services of a device.


The status of the Ethernet component contains the IP address which can be used to access the device over ethernet.


  • ip: string or null, IP of the device in the network
Example status object
"ip": ""


The configuration of the Ethernet component shows the current settings of the ethernet connection.


  • enable: boolean, true if the connection is enabled, false otherwise
  • ipv4mode: string, IPv4 mode. Range of values: {dhcp, static}
  • ip: string or null, ip in the network when ipv4mode is static
  • netmask: string or null, netmask of the network when ipv4mode is static
  • gw: string or null, gateway of the network when ipv4mode is static
  • nameserver: string or null, nameserver to use when ipv4mode is static
Example configuration object
"enable": true,
"ipv4mode": "dhcp",
"ip": null,
"netmask": null,
"gw": null,
"nameserver": null